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The department of Forensic Medicine started its dedicated service on December 2004 in Government Theni Medical College, Theni.

Associate Professors - 2
Tutors - 2
We conduct medico legal autopsies.

No. of Medico legal Autopsies
Year No. of Medico legal Autopsies
2004- December 05
2005 222
20006 268
2007 290
2008 376
2009 439
2010 520
2011 514
We examine the accused and victim girls of sexual offence cases
(Rape- Section 375 IPC).
We also issue age certificates, to determine:-
(i) The age victim girls in kidnap cases (section 366(A) IPC)
(ii)The age of working children (to eradicate child labour)
(iii)The age of juvenile accused to send them to juvenile rehabilitation homes.

MBBS students (IV, V, and VI semester) study the subject of Forensic Medicine for one and a half years.
Lectures classes, tutorial classes and practical classes are taken for MBBS students.
During their stay in Forensic Medicine department, four to six seminars will be conducted by the students
Prizes and Award constituted by the Department:
Medal examination is being conducted every year and the deserving student is accorded with gold medal.
CME/ Workshops / Conferences conducted by the Department
2009 -Workshops on DNA finger typing.
2010- Workshops on Dowry Death
2011- CME on ‘Sudden death’

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