::Departments : Clinical : Dental Surgery
The department of Dental Surgery was started in December 2004 along with the inception of the college.

Teaching Faculties:
Professor                - 1
Assistant Professor - 2

Non-Teaching Faculties:  
Dental Technicians – 4
Staff Nurse            - 1

Academic activities
Theory classes & Clinical demonstrations are conducted for MBBS Students.
Symposium and CME Programmes are conducted regularly.
Services Offered:
No of units:                         One
OP Days & Timings:            Monday to Saturday , 7:30    Am to 12:00 pm
Admission Day:
On all working days

Bed Strength – 4 beds in Surgical Ward
                     4 beds in Post – Operative Ward
Average O.P: 30/day

Theatre Day:
On every Wednesday

Type of Surgeries Performed:

Major Surgical Procedures:
  1. Trauma – Fracture Maxilla/Mandible/Pan-Facial
  2. Tumors, Cysts, Ameloblastoma
  3. T.m.j. Ankylosis
  4. Orthoganthic Surgery
Minor Surgical Procedures:
  1. Dental extraction
  2. Alveoloplasty
  3. Mucocele excision
  4. Surgical Removal of Impacted tooth
  5. Dental Fillings
  6. Scaling
  7. Partial dentures, Hawly’s appliance, Feeding Plate Obturator.
 Dental X – Ray : Intra oral X - Rays

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