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              Aim of the teaching by the Dept. is directed towards achievement of the goal of "Health for All". Towards this end, by the completion of his/her training, the MBBS student should be :
  1. Aware of the physical, social, psychological, economic and environmental aspect of health and disease.
  2. Able to apply the clinical skills to recognize and manage common health problems including their physical, emotional and social aspects at the individual and family levels and deal with medical emergencies at the community level.
  3. Able to define and manage the health problems of the community he/ she serve. To achieve this, he/she shall learn to:
  1. Organize elementary epidemiological studies to assess the health problems in the area.
  2. For this he/she should be able to design a study, collect data, analyze it with statistical tests, make a report and be able to participate in a health information system.
  3. Prioritise the most important problems and help formulate a plan of action to manage them under National Health Programme guidelines including population control and family welfare programme. He/ She should be able to assess and allocate resources implement and evaluate the programmes.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of principles of organizing prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
  5. Organize health care services for special groups like mothers, infants, under-five children and school children.
  6.  Organize health care in case of calamities.
  1. Able to work as an effective member of the health team.
  2. Able to coordinate with and supervise other members of the health team and maintain relation with other agencies.
  3. Able to plan and implement health education programme.
  4. Able to perform administrative functions of health centers. .
  5.  Able to promote community participation especially in areas of disease control, health education and implementation of national programmes.
  6. Aware of the national priorities and the goals to be achieved to implement primary health care.
Academic Activities:
1 Name of the Deptartment
Department of Community Medicine
2 Type of Course Medical
3 Name of the Course offered MBBS
4 No. of Students per year appearing for Examination 100
5 University Exam Details III MBBS Part-I Students appear Medical University Exam. Every year during February and August.
6 Periodic Academic Activities held in the Dept
  1. I MBBS — Theory Classes and Field Visits – Thursday
  2. II MBBS — Block Posting & theory classes- two months
  3. III MBBS — Clinical Oriented Posting & theory classes — one month
  4. CRRIS - a) Two months Clinical posting                                                  b) Two months Community Medicine posting
  • Urban Health Centre (UHC)
  • Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC)
  • PHCs & Govt. Theni Medical College Hospital, Theni Posting
7 Research and Publications In progress.
8 Prizes and Awards won Two students awarded first place in the MCQ examination in Community Medicine conducted by Dept. of Community Medicine, & Tamil Nadu Medical Colleges in association with ‘STARS’ in health Education
9 Special Clinics/ Camps conducted by the Dept. a) Urban Health - UHC, Periyakulam, UHC Allinagaram, Theni
b) Rural Health Camp - PHC Devadanapatti, PHC Veerapandi, & PHC Kadamalaikundu
b) DM & HT Awareness Camp - PHC, Kadamalaikundu, Aundipatti Block
c) Health Awareness Camp e PHC Kadamalaikundu, Aundipatti Block.

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