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Categorization of Hospital Waste
  1. In any Hospital only 10-15% of the waste contributes to Bio-Medical Waste and the rest 85% is Genera| Waste
  2. Out of the 15% Bio-Medical Waste, 10% is infectious Waste and 5% is hazardous waste.
  3. Mixing of 15% Bio-Medical Waste with 35% General waste leads to not only converting The General Waste into Bio-Medical Waste but also makes it more infectious.
  4. Improper segregation practices increase the cost of treatrnent and disposal up to 500%
  5.  Proper segregation practice reduces the chances of spreading infection and the investment in waste disposal.
Option Waste category Treatment/Disposal
Cat.no.1 Human Anatomical waste-human tissues ,body parts, etc. Incineration/Deep burial
Cat.no.2 Animal waste-animal tissues, body parts, organs, etc. Incineration/Deep burial
Cat.no.3 Microbiology and Biotechnology waste-wastes from laboratory cultures, stocks, specimens of microorganisms, etc. Incineration/microwaving/local autoclaving ,disinfection.
Cat,no.4 - Waste sharps needles, syringes, scalpels, blades, glass, etc which may be used and unused Disinfected by chemical treatment/autoclaving/microwaving &mutilation/shredding
Cat.no.5 Discarded medicines and cytotoxic drugs-wastes comprising of outdated, contaminated and discarded medicine. Incineration/Secured landfill
Cat.no.6 Soiled waste-items contaminated with body fluids including cotton, dressing plaster casts, etc. Incineration/autoclaving/microwaving
Cat.no.7 Solid waste-wastes from disposable items other than the waste sharps like tubing’s, catheters, intravenous sets, etc. Disinfection by chemical treatment/autoclaving/microwaving and mutilation/shredding
Cat.no8 Liquid waste-waste generated from laboratory and washing, cleaning, disinfection activities, etc. Disinfection by chemical treatment and discharge into drains
Cat.no.9 Incineration ash-incineration of any bio-medical waste. Disposal in municipal landfill
Cat.no10 Chemical waste-chemicals used in disinfection, production of biological.etc Chemical treatment and discharge into drains for liquids and secured landfills for solids.

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