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                                                                                        Anti ragging rules
  1. At the time of opening of college for new entrants, meeting should be convened with the students and parents.
  2. A conduct and Character Certificate from the Institution from where he/she has passed his/her qualifying examination
  3. An annual undertaking signed by each student, whether fresher  or senior and his/her parent (s)jointly stating that each of them have read the relevant instruction / regulation against ragging, as well punishments, and that if the ward has been found guilty he/she shall be proceeded against, shall be procured.
  4. Such an undertaking shall be furnished in English as well as in vernacular (mother tongue of the parent) at the beginning of each academic year by every student.
  5. An undertaking to the similar effect should be obtained every year from each student admitted to the hostel.
  6. The undertaking should be appended to the brochure containing the guidelines and other relevant instructions in regard to ragging and consequences of indulging in ragging.
  7. Anti ragging Squad should be formed with Head of the Departments, Professors, Readers /Assistant Professors as members.  The Squad should supervise and monitor the activities of students regular
  1. The Medical Officers should be posted to stay at Men’s Hostel and Ladies Hostel between 5.00PM to 8.00 AM and to visit the Ist year MBBS students to get any grievances.
  2. Senior teaching staff should be posted in the Colleges premises for the prevention of ragging during College hours.
  3. A Vigilance Officer should be posted daily  to make surprise checks and to report regarding hostels.
  4. Separate wings should be allotted for new entrants in hostels.
  5. Surprise check should be made daily in the hostel by wardens.
  6. Periodicals checks should be made by the Dean, Vice Principal and Deputy Superintendents in colleges and Wardens in Hostels.
  7. Placards should  be displayed in prominent places like Hostel, College, Canteens, Libraries displaying about the prevention, prohibition and punishment of students indulged in Ragging.  Contact numbers of the members of the anti ragging committee and anti ragging squad should be displayed on the placards.
  8. Copy of the Tamil Nadu Prohibition and Ragging ordinance 96 and copy of the guidelines issued by the Honorable Supreme Court should be given to the senior students.
  9. The students’ council members should be instructed to visit the hostels in batches and to monitor if any untoward incident takes place.
  10. If any complaints of ragging were received it may be enquired and action may be taken against the persons responsible within one week.
  11. Each institution shall have Anti-Ragging committee with the Dean, as Chairman, Head of the Departments, and senior teachers of the institution, representatives of Civil and Police Administration and local bodies.
  12. A complaint Box should be kept in front of Dean’s room and in the Hostel.
  13. Each institution shall continue a ‘Mentoring Cell; to oversee and involve senior students as ‘Mentors for the fresher’.
  14. Further the Deans are requested to follow the guidelines issued by the Honorable Supreme Court for curbing the menace of ragging  in Educational Institutions already communicated in this office Ref.No.81504/MEI/1/04 dated 04.01.05 and Medical Council of India notification dated 03.08.2009.
  15. Booklets should be issued to all the students containing the following details; what constitutes ragging, punishable ingredients of ragging, punishments and penalty for ragging, names and mobile numbers of the members of the Anti Ragging Squad, Anti Ragging committee ( Anti Ragging Helpline),Wardens, Deputy Wardens of Men’s and Women’s hostel.

Anti ragging committee with contact numbers (refreshed every year)
DR.T.Thirunavukkarasu,M.D.,D.A., DEAN     9442610044
DR.S.Ezhilarasan,M.S., VICE PRINCIPAL    9442610044
DR.M.Ilangovan,M.S., DEPUTY SUPERINTENDENT     9442247042
DR.P.Purushothaman,M..D., PROF.OF MEDICINE     9787787937
DR.M.Kalyanasundaram M.D., PROF.OF ANAESTHESIOLOGY     9842111311
DR.S..Kumaresan,M.S., ASSOC.PROF OF ENT    9841515889
Thiru Sultan Basha SUB INSPECTOR,KA.VILAKKU P.S     9498187265
Dr.R.Murugesan,M.S., PROF.OF SURGERY      9443748050
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